Trains In Victoria - Volume Three

1999 - 2001

DVD now available - DVD-R (PAL)

Nearly 2 hours of local & interstate passenger and goods trains covering most of the trains and operators of the time frame (1999 - 2001).  Also several specials including the Aurora tour featuring 3801, 3830, 4201 & 44211 and J515 with the Olympic torch special. 

TIV 3  - D/A:D:D (over 70% of the original footage is from Digital originals [the remainder from VHS], Digitally mastered on a G4 Mac and Digital DVD to you).

Go to the TIV3 gallery to see some stills taken from the DVD, the previews page to see a short preview clip, or download the pdf of the booklet that comes with the DVD for details of the content.